Integrity, Skill, Results

Integrity, Skill, Results

Integrity, Skill, Results

Our Founder Julie Jason



When You Realize You Need A Change ...

All of our clients had financial relationships with wealth managers and other financial providers before coming to Jackson, Grant for our personal portfolio management services.  

People contact us when their financial futures rise to the top of the priority list due to a transitional event.  The trigger might be a life transition, such as retirement, divorce, the sale of a business or a home, the illness or loss of a spouse, the receipt of an inheritance, the retirement of a financial adviser, or the realization that it's time to get organized. 

We believe the attraction is two-fold:

     1. Our experience helping family stewards create secure, prosperous, and satisfying financial futures.  
     2. Our decades-long tradition of forming deep and lasting relationships with our clients, their families, and their legal and tax advisers. 


Jackson, Grant

We serve a select high net worth clientele (minimum $5 million) who prefer the special relationship that only a boutique wealth management firm like Jackson, Grant can best deliver.  We are “fiduciaries” under the law, registered with the SEC as investment advisers, and function as “investment counsel.”


Julie Jason

Julie Jason has directed Jackson, Grant’s wealth management practice since founding the firm more than 20 years ago. A proponent of financial literacy, she shares her investment insights through her award-winning books and column, which is syndicated by King Features.