About Jackson, Grant . . .

About Jackson, Grant . . .

Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers, Inc. provides personal portfolio management services to a select high net worth clientele (minimum $5 million).  Founded more than 20 years ago, we are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as "investment counsel," a type of fiduciary firm that customizes portfolios for clients. 

As founder Julie Jason says,

"When I started the firm after a decade in law and management positions on Wall Street, my goal was to create an alternative to the potentially aggressive and sometimes cold sales culture of the Street.  

My philosophy was and remains simple:  Families need solid sustainable investment results delivered in an atmosphere of care and respect  --  the type of environment that a boutique like Jackson, Grant can best deliver."

We believe our clients:  

  • Want an alternative to large financial institutions
  • Want to benefit from expertise dedicated to their present and future needs, desires, and potential
  • Want to avoid heroic efforts to beat the market
  • Want to organize all of their investment activity into a goal-oriented program to accomplish specific family-focused objectives
  • And above all else, want to be heard, appreciated, and understood  

To reflect our organizational approach and the strategic and tactical nature of our mission, we named the firm after Stonewall Jackson, the tactical hero of the South, and Ulysses S. Grant, the strategic victor of the North.   

We are members of the Investment Adviser Association and abide by their Code of Ethics. Please ask for a copy of our Form ADV for more information.